Times Woman
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Email   expoindiaexhibition@gmail.com

Event Detail:

More often than not, it's the little insights into a woman's mind that make her laugh, sigh or loosen her purse strings. An understanding that has resulted in an idea called 'TIMES WOMAN'. An event exclusively for the woman that will platform your merchandise in a way like never before. 'TIMES WOMAN' will comprise a range of activities covering everything from shopping to seminars. Thoughtfully chalked out to help women stay on top of the stress and demands of modern day living. By striking that fine balance between work and home... husband and children...beauty and health. Even as women play out various roles, they are increasingly becoming major decision makers and influencers as consumers. They know exactly what they want and are not afraid to go out and get t. They have taken technology in their stride. Laptops, Cell phones, Cars you can bet your next quarter results on this, they're not going to be satisfied just choosing mixer-grinder If you thought that a woman was merely the face that sold a million products. Think again! She's a serious consumer. Empowered and ready. Expected to make the list of participants will be the who's who of the consumer durable and services industry. Participation categories includes- Fashion, Jewellery, Accessories, Beauty, Health and Fitness, Career and Education, Home and Interiors, Art and Crafts.